Monday, January 12, 2015

Responsibility and Powerlessness

- The converging crises that are descending on our planet are the direct responsibility of the powerful that preside over civilization today. The political and economic elite of yesteryear would not have known about the effects of burning fossil fuels, but the elite of today have no such excuse. They know very well what the consequences of their actions will be, and continue regardless. In this sense they are very culpable for the future murder of billions of humans, not to mention the trillions upon trillions of non-human animals, and the extinction of trillions of species.
- If there is any doubt that the powerful know exactly what they are doing, this myth should be dispelled by the existence of luxury several million dollar condos built in an abandoned nuclear missile silo at an undisclosed location in Kansas ( The powerful are actively preparing for the disaster that they have unleashed, while the rest of us will be left to die in privation.
- The mainstream environmental movement has been selling us a grand lie. The grand lie is the concept of personal responsibility among the powerless. They have sold the idea that we are just as culpable as the powerful because we drive cars, consume products, etc. As if we have a say in how civilization is organized! As if we have leverage against a self-perpetuating 12,000 year old system of slavery and exploitation! This is the grand dis-empowering lie that convinces people that they can avoid certain catastrophe by driving hybrid cars. To believe this lie is to excuse the powerful of their responsibility, and therefore never come to a clear understanding of what our future will look like.

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