Sunday, January 11, 2015

No Hope

- What are we to do when our last glimmers of hope are dashed? Our soft animal bodies bound to be broken, starved,  and exposed to ever worsening elements. Our fates tied to a murdered planet, facing a runaway climate change that now appears all but inescapable. A civilization in a violent contraction, and headed towards permanent collapse. In this horror our Paleolithic ape bodies will be torn apart, and we will suffer unspeakably.
- The young now will never reach the ages that our parents and grandparents have. We will die early, many of us in a violent manner. We will die of diseases for which antibiotics are no longer available. We will be murdered at the hands of desperate people trying to find food. We will be those desperate people who will murder for food. We will die from exposure, ravaging heat, super-storms, bitter cold without heat, and floods that will submerge major cities. We will die of dehydration and malnutrition. We will die from cancer, toxicity, and nuclear radiation. We will inherit the toxic remnants of this toxic civilization. We have no hope, we are walking ape corpses with no recourse to change our future. What is left? What are we to do? Does it inspire in you anger? It inspires in me rage. I feel my animal self struggling to break through my civilized facade. That animal self wants to lash out, that animal self wants revenge.

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